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Crash Your Competitors with Your AdWords Ad Copy

Even after developing the best keywords strategy and professional technical optimization your PPC campaign may fail. The reason for this might seem uncomplicated at first glance – words.

min2 minWriting AdWords ads might sound like an easy job to do but do not downplay this part – creating effective Ad Copy is essential for your whole campaign success. Here are 8 tips that can help you understand how to develop an ad copy strategy that will crash your competitors.

Be straight-out

Explain your business, services, products the best you can. People will decide in less than a second whether to click on your ad or not – try to keep ad copy easy to understand and informative.

Stand out from the crowd

Do your research and check how your competitors’ ads look. Do not let your copy fade away among others’ ads. Choose different words or numbers to explain your business. Try everything to make your ads look different and don’t be afraid to test your ideas!

CTA is a must

Never forget about adding a call to action. A good CTA can increase your CTR and the effectiveness of your campaign. Let a searcher know what’s waiting after clicking on your advertisement.

How to write Google AdWords Ad Copy

Highlight your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Show your potential clients what makes your product or service unique. It could be anything – shorter delivery time or better ingredients.

Add extensions

Ad extension gives you the freedom to present more options. If your competitors are not using them – you’re one big step ahead.

Think in numbers

Include numbers in your Ad copy – information like price, 30- day trial, 24h delivery, 100% natural ingredients. This can help you win more potential clients at the web-search stage.

Experiment with more creative copy

Trying too hard to make your ads different can be risky. Ads that are strange for searchers can be a big yay or even bigger nay. Keep your client persona profiles in mind while choosing more creative ad copy, but never use your ideas without testing them! More creative ad copy can be a big success and can let you stay ahead of your competitors!

Last but not least – test

Test different headlines, CTA, UVP, everything! Remember that even little changes – such as punctuation marks matter.

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