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Google AdWords – Best Practices and Tips

Let’s be honest, what people ignore most while talking about digital marketing is the ‘marketing’ part. It’s easy to forget that Google Adwords campaigns are also about strategy, research and creativity. When you are lost in the digital world of CPC, CPA, CTR, ROAST and a crazy amount of numbers – start from the beginning.

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First things first – set your goals

The main reason for this is to make sure that you and your agency are trying to achieve the same thing. Also, understanding your goals will help you to check if the campaign is successful. Is it the specific number of leads, downloads, calls or maybe visits to your site? It doesn’t matter, you choose what is the best for your business!

? TIP: Dream big but keep your goals realistic.

Meet the strangers – your digital clients

In the world of clicks, statistics and numbers sometimes you can forget that users are real people. Their actions on the internet are based on emotions, context and sometimes they are made unconsciously. Ask yourself who your current clients are and who you want encourage to become one. If you’re not sure – ask your agency to prepare client personas and, if possible – your current clients’ profiles based on your website’s data. This will help in creating a campaign, ad copy, and landing pages tailored specifically for the clients you want


TIP: Use the data you already have – Google Analytics, e-mail database or just talk to your sales representatives!

Keywords (the right ones)

Choosing the right keywords is the most important part of creating a Google AdWords strategy. Make sure that keywords have a high search volume and reflect your potential clients’ needs. Open your mind to different approaches and make sure that your SEM team test different ideas. Sometimes the keywords that lead to conversions are the ones we would never think of at first. Over time, the keywords that aren’t getting clicks or conversions should be expanded upon the ones that are.

? TIP: When thinking about keywords – be creative but keep data in mind.

Effective ad copy

Choosing the right keywords was just the beginning. If you want your potential clients to click on your ad you need something more – a 140-character maximum text to be specific. Ad copy should include the most important information for your clients or create curiosity. What’s most important – always stand out from the competition and do not stick to one copy pattern – your agency should test different messages, headlines, descriptions, and CTAs. Never forget about calls to action and ad extensions!

TIP: The decision to click on an ad is sometimes subconscious; this is why you have to make sure that your agency thinks outside the box and is up to date with Google AdWords trends.

A/B Split Tests

Not conducting A/B tests is one of the biggest mistakes your Google AdWords team can make. Trust your or your agency’s intuition and creativity but test your ideas first. Statistics should inform your final decisions – whether it’s about copy, ads or landing page graphic design. Remember that even though conducting tests takes some time, they can help you make a great profit.

? TIP: When something is working great – check if it can work even better!

Landing pages that you and your clients dream of

Creating a landing page should be a piece of cake when you keep your goals and clients’ personas in mind. Offer your users content which is useful and relevant to your ad copy and chosen keywords. Check if your website is easy to use for mobile and computer users, if you are including these two groups in your campaign. But what’s most important for your

business: keep focused on your main goal (for example: if you want your clients to send you a message – make sure that CTA to do so is always visible on the screen).

? Tip: Time is money – make sure that your website loads quickly. You can check site scores on mobile devices here.

Keep an eye on your users

Whatever the goals of your campaign, track your website’s visitors. Digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar link: and many more give you an opportunity to track nearly everything – so why not use them? Thanks to this data you will be able to make all of the necessary adjustments to your campaign and make sure you are on the right road to achieving your goals.

? TIP: Even if some data is not important today, this doesn’t mean that it won’t help you when making strategic decisions in the future.

Generate more profit – successful remarketing

There is nothing wrong when someone decides not to buy your product or contact you after a first visit to your website – give your potential clients time to make decisions, but never let them forget your business the instant they leave your website. Remarketing ads are significant for your business’s brand awareness and provide more conversions in the future.

Want to know more about remarketing? Click here!

? TIP: In your remarketing ads you can communicate special offers, and products that users were interested in or simply – show your potential client how great you are!

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