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Advantages of Exploring Your Google AdWords Data

Data is crucial. In online marketing, we use metrics and dimensions over time to measure… nearly everything! Statistics collected in tools like Google Analytics provide us with a view of what is going on between digital marketing and online sales.

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Why your data is so important?

Let’s be honest, this question should never have been asked – it’s obvious that data is crucial. In online marketing, we use metrics and dimensions over time to measure… nearly everything! Statistics collected in tools like Google Analytics provide us with a view of what is going on between digital marketing and online sales. Clicks, sessions, what we paid can tell us direct outcome in sales or lead generation. This is a great opportunity to understand where you are spending too much or not enough on marketing campaigns.

When you are using Google AdWords, never focus only on data from SEM campaigns, and vice versa never focus on Google Analytics only. Use both tools as together they provide more information and a better overall picture.

Exploring Google AdWords data

Google AdWords feat. Google Analytics

Google AdWords and Analytics is one of the best digital marketing combinations! What’s even better – they are easy to use together – just create an analytics account, implement code in Google Tag Manager or with a plugin on every site and pair accounts. It is free, as Google gives you a fishing rod to let you catch more fish with AdWords. In theory, they will earn more with better campaigns as they can let you generate better ROAS.

It helps to import easy way conversions or e-commerce transaction data. Besides data, you can export remarketing lists from Analytics to AdWords with more precise details set towards targeting. Data about your traffic from analytics can provide additional information regarding time spent on your website, pages per session and more detailed information about visitor behavior.

How to check if your campaign is effective

In digital marketing, you can offer a hypothesis and then test it to see if it was right with direct statistics. There are 2 things that you need to consider when reading statistics:

– are they good quality and are you sure that you recorded them accurately? If you measure incorrect conversions, or maybe you have the wrong implementation of analytics code you could gather misleading data, and that could cause fatal business mistakes.

– Is there an appropriate amount of clicks/traffic? We don’t want to use bad information; that could lead to bad decisions. If you have 10 views and 2 clicks this is too small a dataset to say it has some significance at a statistical level. The minimal amount of data depends on the test and the type of data you are testing. If you gather 3-4 conversions per year and you know that is normal, then everything should be fine, but that would be bad idea to decide state of campaign with 10$ spendings with account around spending daily few hundred.

Is it possible to create a new, improved campaign based on your old AdWords Account?

Are you starting a fresh campaign with old data? Trying to upgrade a new account with a new structure? Use your old statistics, they will help you! You used money to gather these statistics, make that investment count in your account’s future success. Even if you are refreshing an old AdWords account to live again, try to use some of our advice to make it better for the new ad marathon.

Old data is awesome

You can check old search queries, and use them for constructing a new account. Remember to validate if you don’t have old keywords with dates or seasons, and implement them manually for future searched queries. For example, if you have a keyword with 2016 and 2018 is already approaching, you should add the same keyword with 2017 and 2018 instead of the old date. Check which words converted most – think about new campaigns with topics covered in those queries. What were people’s intentions?

Has anything changed since the last campaign period? Maybe you need to integrate new changes for better conversion in linking ads or changing your keywords because your product range is different? Check if your categories have changed – maybe you need to change linking in Ads as a part of this process of refreshing. With new categories could come new products that might require new keywords and different budget planning. Is your conversion tracking okay with the current state of the website? Maybe you can track new things that will be important for you. What were the problems with your previous data tracking?

If you prepare well for new campaigns you can earn much more and make progress with better outcomes.


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