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How to Make the Most out of Every Click

Google AdWords campaigns are all about optimizations – once set up a campaign will not be effective forever. To make changes successful – the decision to implement them should be based on data. Learn how to bring more conversions in the future and how your Google AdWords campaign can help to develop your other digital marketing strategies.

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Analyze the data & learn from it

Is it even possible to name a more iconic duo than Google AdWords & Google Analytics? It seems that when using these two tools there is nothing you can’t measure! You’ll find an answer to nearly every question you might have connected with your campaign, website and its users. Need more information about visitor demographics, the devices they use or time spent on every page? No problem!

Improve UX

Sometimes you are not aware of difficulties that users might have on your website. Heat maps and video recording can help you understand your visitors better. When watching a video record of a real customer journey, you can easily notice what must be changed in your website architecture. This knowledge used wisely can be your secret weapon. Thanks to Google AdWords you can bring more traffic to your website to make your tests more effective. Try Hotjar – it’s super intuitive and you can test it for free.

Use your AdWords keywords in an SEO strategy

Combine the power of SEM and SEO! A Google AdWords campaign’s best performing keywords (or those which CPC cost is too high) can be used in your website’s Search Engine Optimization strategy. Always keep developing paid and organic traffic strategies in mind.

Learn from the most effective ad copy

When you see what type of ad copy works best for your potential customers think of creating messages on your website and landing pages in a similar tone of voice. Remember – great content that your visitors love is still king!

Read our post about developing successful ad copy strategy!

Create a client e-mail database

Use bigger traffic from Google Adwords campaigns on your website and ask your visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or to leave their e-mail addresses (for example, to get a promotional code). E-mail addresses of people who are interested in your products or services can help you develop digital marketing strategies for the future.


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